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I was born and raised in Alaska, and I know the words to the state flag song. I’m the daughter of teachers. I am the older sister. I’m the wife of a wise man and the mother of two independent and curious kids.

I love to read. Some of the most life-shaping books I’ve read are: the Bible, The Road to Daybreak, StrengthsFinder, Abba’s Child, and The Great Divorce. I loved all the Anne books, the Harry Potter series, and the Narnia Chronicles. When I was little I would take books into the bathroom and read in the middle of the night. In college I thought my Lit professor at my 8AM class was hilarious with her dry humor and propensity for witty remarks. I memorized John Donne’s For Whom the Bell Tolls for extra credit, and because I wanted to.

I am an E/I NFJ…which means I am sometimes an extroverted introvert and sometimes an introverted extrovert. While I am a huge fan of the MBTI, I have become an even bigger fan of the StrengthsFinder. I’ve used it with groups, on my own, and in thinking about relationship. I believe this tool is an excellent way to communicate about my own strengths, but more importantly, it is an amazing way to understand how others operate. My top five strengths are: Individualistic, Strategic, Developer, Empathy, and Learner. You should take the test. We should talk about it.

I’ve been to every state except Michigan and North Dakota. I’m not sure how I missed going to Michigan because I finished up my undergraduate degree in Indiana. I do know how to make the state of Michigan on my hand…like a mitten. I lived in Egypt and traveled through Israel and Gaza, with a trek through Jordan. I’ve been in refugee camps in Gaza. I’ve walked along the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I’ve been to Garbage City in Cairo.

I was a Social Work major and now have an M.Ed in Student Development. I’ve worked with hospice and in churches and in my home. I’ve lived with college students…as in living in the residence hall and doing life with 18 year olds. For four years. Sweet times and hard times and times of growth and discipleship and times of hard conversations because life can be difficult or dramatic when you are 18…or any age.

When I transitioned from working full time outside my home to having a baby and making my home, it challenged my identity. My sweet baby had some health issues and chronic illness is now a part of our family’s vocabulary and “normal” is whatever normal is to us. Transitions can be difficult. Life can be messy and sometimes it takes hard work to put one foot in front of the other. I’m thankful for the growth and light and truth that comes from continuing to press forward–to lean into who God is, so I can understand who I am.

I’m a lover of ice cream, capable of a variety of accents, huge fan of Rich Mullins, spontaneous–sort of, strong-willed, inquisitive, a listener of smooth jazz and 70’s lite music, creative but not crafty, Goodwill treasure finder, coffee drinker, listener, reader, writer, thinker, feeler, wife, mom, sojourner.

I now find myself as the older mom rather than the new mom, the older married rather than the newlywed, the seasoned professional rather than the new employee. I like this season. I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful for space to be passionate about families where health issues exist as they do in mine. I’m grateful for the space to care for those that are hurting, because I know how desperate one can feel. I’m grateful for the space to be still, because I know how busy we can all be. I’m grateful for the space to listen, because I know so many want to be heard. This is a simple, sacred, space.

Grateful for the presence of Jesus…


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