Sometimes the early bird and worm get squished


Ryan and I ready for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in 2006. How cute are we?


As September ended with routines and habits, the early bird and worm got squished. In September I added a part-time role at our church and the shift of those 20 plus hours threw me for a loop. I added responsibilities which were awesome but the shift within myself and what I had been doing needed some calibration. I’m a big fan of stepping back and reassessing what is working and what isn’t, but it has taken me a bit of time to get to the place. I know that I do better with margins–I don’t love to have life packed to the brim–I like life packed to the medium. I like it when there is space to shift and settle down.

When the habits and routines that are helpful get squished and they aren’t working the way that is helpful to you–time to revise and reset. I’m thinking that through to understand what is essential to me and in turn my family.


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