The early bird…


gets it choice of worms. Really. It does.

I’ve found that when I wake up earlier, I have greater options versus just one…worm.

This new season has found me waking up about a half hour earlier than before. Going to bed at a good time has the biggest impact on the next day. There were some seasons where waking up earlier was out of the question. Babies operate on their own schedule. Toddlers sometimes just don’t sleep when you want them to. Sometimes kids are sick, the laundry still needs to be done, or the allure of staying up by oneself is too tempting to say no. Over time I learned that even with all of the people in my life and the tasks that needed to be done, I still need sleep. Not just for physical reasons, but emotionally and spiritually as well. If sleep is a struggle for you–because of health or circumstances, I feel for you and your situation. If your outside circumstances dictate how well you can sleep, I encourage you to consider other ways that you can build rest or naps into your life.

If you are able to structure your routines, then establishing a bedtime and a wake time is gold.

I’ve organized my mornings in various ways over the years depending on the season of life. In this current season, I’ve been able to establish that I want to have time in the Bible, to pray and journal, exercise, and get ready for the morning before breakfast. My kids attend a public school and school starts at a specific time so they have to be ready for me to take them to school. I’ll talk in a different post about the habits we’re establishing with our kids so that they can get ready in the morning too without us constantly reminding them what to do. And really, that is something we want to do through out the day–not just the morning.

My wake up time is 5:30AM. I have the coffee pot programmed to get the coffee going–it is an added incentive to get up and out of bed. I can spend time reading my Bible, journaling, and praying. About 6 or 6:15, I exercise. This can be walking outside, following a DVD, or using the elliptical machine. The added bonus if I use the elliptical is that I can read! Our kiddos get up at 6:30AM and my husband helps out by getting the kiddos set up with a therapy my son does every morning for almost an hour. During that time my son does his therapy while watching a show. My daughter gets to pick out a show to watch too. Not every family works this way but for our circumstances, this routine has worked well. There are two mornings a week that don’t follow the Bible reading, journaling, praying, exercising sequence because my bedtime is much later the night before–there are some medical things that I need to do for my son.

If you have to do something different than what you planned, don’t throw the habits out the window completely!

I get ready for the day about 6:45 and my kiddos are ready to eat about 7:30. I always eat oatmeal. Always. The kids have three or four things they like to eat for breakfast and they typically can help get those things. I make sure lunches are all together and help the kids finish getting ready for the day if they need any help.

Kiddos get shoes on and then we are out the door about 8:15AM.

So then what happens when my kids are in school? Well, that is the million dollar question! Whatever needs to happen can happen because I’m ready.

What is important to you? What would you like to accomplish in the day? How would you like to feel at the end of the day? What do you need to do to get there?


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