What I’m Reading…

image1So I’m reading a few things right now and appreciate the variety:

The Power of Habit. Fascinating both from an individual perspective and an organizational view point. How we form habits and change habits. A really great look at why the AA program has been criticized but how research is finding the reasons that it actually works to change habits and addictions. Also a great review of Starbucks and how it is helping “partners” (their term for employees) form habits of responses to customers as well as in personal lives. I’ve been chewing on the word “habit” and thinking through what habits I subconsciously have and what I want to be more intentional about.

My prayer journal. Writing prayers and intentionally remembering people that I’m praying for is one of the habits I’m working on.

The Bible. I’m starting up another year of Bible Study Fellowship and am curious to see how the new study of the year goes. A year in Revelation should be intense.

The Martian. I’m starting this one up and hope to read it before seeing the movie. The movie trailer looked intriguing. Kind of like Interstellar meets Gravity. My husband and I both want to read this one. We’ll see who gets it first.

Secrets of the Charmed Life. I really enjoy historical period pieces and this one tracks through the WWII journey of young women. I’m curious.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. An intriguing idea from the creator of Twitter.

My Blog Journal. Keeping my thoughts and ideas in one place is helping my brain be free to do other things.

Love the Home You Have. A terrific book about caring for the home you have by home blogger Melissa Michaels. Really thoughtful writing about embracing where you are, not where you wish you were. Important note: my future sister-in-law did the cover design and the great art pieces in the book.

Interred with Their Bones. This one has mystery, England, and drama all in one. I’m intrigued.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Not pictured. I was number 72 on the waitlist at the library and decided I would make the jump and buy the book. I rarely, rarely ever buy a book so this was a big deal. Her methods have been interesting and I can see how the “do it at once” method could be effective. I’m a big fan of minimizing and evaluating what you need and what brings you joy. Good concepts.

Any good books that you’re reading? Have you read The Power of Habit? Any habits that you’re working on?



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