The early bird…

gets it choice of worms. Really. It does. I’ve found that when I wake up earlier, I have greater options versus just one…worm. This new season has found me waking up about a half hour earlier than before. Going to bed at a good time has the biggest impact on the next day. There were […]

The Night Shift

photo credit I’ve seen in my own life how keystone habits influence the rest of how we live. My daily habits are greatly influenced by when I plan to go to bed and when I plan to wake up. When I think about how we want to live (a question that I try to ask […]

Keystone Habits

I finished Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit last week and I enjoyed the insights from his research and real life examples. One area that I especially appreciated was his talk of keystone habits. These are habits that typically impact other areas of life beyond just being a silo habit. It has a ripple effect. […]

New seasons

Fall is coming quickly and the school year cycle has begun as well. I love natural pauses for reflection and reassessment…and drinking coffee. The way we’ve done life through the summer is different than how we need to do life right now. The sunrise was later this morning, the air was crisper, and it rained […]