Keystone Habits

I finished Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit last week and I enjoyed the insights from his research and real life examples. One area that I especially appreciated was his talk of keystone habits. These are habits that typically impact other areas of life beyond just being a silo habit. It has a ripple effect. […]

What I’m Reading…

So I’m reading a few things right now and appreciate the variety: The Power of Habit.¬†Fascinating both from an individual perspective and an organizational view point. How we form habits and change habits.¬†A really great look at why the AA program has been criticized but how research is finding the reasons that it actually works […]

Book friends

When I moved across the country for college I brought boxes and boxes of books with me. Not because I thought I would have lots of extra time to read books but because those books felt like friends–I loved them, the characters and stories. My books got put on bookshelves where I could see their […]